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Monday, January 30, 2006

Notre nouvelle maison, sorta

A French yellow-pages company has a feature on their website that allows you to enter any street address (in certain cities) and call up a photo of that address, with buttons that let you look left, right, behind, etc. It's remarkable, really. One could, with some patience, take a virtual stroll down any street in town. (, en francais)

There are a few holes, however; for some reason, the address of the hotel where we'll be staying our first few weeks in Lyon results in a "pas diponsible" error message. But these photos were taken on the same block. I think the hotel is just visible on the left side of the photo that looks down the street. It's on a pedestrian street, by the way...Lyon has a lot of these, with motor vehicles inderdit except for deliveries. The hotel where I stayed in November on R. Victor Hugo overlooked one of these pedestrian streets, and I enjoyed sitting on the balcony drinking a Kronenbourg and watching the people, red bikes zipping past, and the occasional taxi tiptoeing through to drop somebody at the hotel's front door.

Man, I sure hope we get a room with a balcony.


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