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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Few Things I Should Mention

So, you may have asked, howcum no pictures of V. or Boog or anyone else on this blog? And second, how's the new job going, anyway?

Well, a couple of things: Apparently becoming a mother makes one acutely aware of all sorts of evil that lurks out there in the world, for V is now an expert on the horrific fates that befall those who are, fr'example, unwise enough to put pictures of their children on their blogs (or even mention their real names). This is apparently an open-house invitation for kidnappers, slavers, pornographers, etc. I personally think that's a little hysterical, but V does tend to be right about most things, if over-cautious when I tend to be over-casual, and besides, I said I wouldn't.

So if you want pictures of Boog you'll have to wait for the Christmas card.

As for the job... blogging about your work is just asking for trouble. If you wanna hear me bitch about my job, you'll have to e-mail me. And even then I probably won't.

Still with me? Ok. Here, apropos of nothing, is a picture of a guy doing tai chi (I think) at the park. In the middle of the lake is an island mostly occupied by a massive memorial to the sons of Lyon who died in World War I. There's a marble statue of six 30-foot-tall naked guys carrying a coffin, and a wall running most of the circumference of the island, with the names of the dead inscribed in alphabetical order. There are a lot of names. Somber vibe nothwithstanding, it's a very tranquil place to sit and rest awhile in between train rides or soccer games, and watch the boats glide across the lake.

This guy was running through his entire routine, about 15 minutes, while his wife/trainer/publicist/whatever filmed him. When he finished, there was spontaneous applause from the other 15 or so people who had gathered, like me, to sit on the steps and watch idly. He seemed surprised, as if he hadn't noticed at all that there was anyone there.

(Dunno why the sky and water are so dark in the second was taken seconds before the third one.)


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