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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Five Words on Visiting a French Dentist

Not actually all that different.

Here are just a few more words:
There are the golf magazines in the waiting room, the familiar chair and high-intensity lights in the examination room, a picture of a relaxing locale on the wall to focus on while en detartration (Villefrance-sur-Mer rather than the Outer Banks) the same nasty-tasting stuff to rinse out your mouth with.

The principal differences are that the dentist does all of the work--there is no hygienist--and that the whole process only costs 21 euros (ah, socialism!).


Follow-up to the previous post: The Gare du Nord station in Paris was evacuated last night as cops using tear gas battled with 100 or so youths following what some perceived as excessive use of police force against a turnstile-jumper.


We're just back from a ski trip to the Alps, hence the lack of posts over the last week or so; stay tuned for some fresh-late-season-powder porn whenever I offload the pictures from my camera.


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