The Frogmarch

"I've got to pull up my stakes and roll, man." --Jean-Jacques Libris de Kerouac

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

For Those of You Scoring at Home

When I build my petanque piste back home in Chapel Hill (I'm thinking the city sewer right-of-way adjoining the back yard will be long and flat enough, and surely the city won't mind), I'm going to need a scoreboard just like this one.

Dig the drop shadow, the hanging indent, and the staggering on the 2-digit numbers on the dials. It's a shame the pointers or dials are missing though... I'd like to know what they looked like.

Found on the grounds of a petanque club at the edge of a greenway park deep in the 5th. Surely they won't miss this, I thought, wishing I'd brought a pair of diagonal cutters. Then I spotted the onsite cinderblock cafe with a bunch of old guys in flat caps sitting around drinking pastis, and thought better of it. I'll just have to keep an eye on