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Friday, October 13, 2006

A Short Walk at Dusk

I know, no new content in a week...I've actually been incredibly busy at work, and both Boog and V have been fighting off colds so I've been having to hustle a lot at home, too. But I don't want you all to suffer repetitive stress disorder from mashing the F5 (refresh) key over and over again, so here are a few snapshots from a stroll I took at dusk from our apartment over the Saone to the old city.

Photo #1. Skaters, Rue St. Exupery. Lyon is a skateboarder's paradise: flat, with pedestrian streets and lots of public spaces with concrete ramps and rails to grind on. Most importantly, the cops don't care a bit. I've thought about buying a board here just to mess around with, but my 34-year-old knees aren't what they once were, and I don't know if I still have the muscle memory to pull off a curb ollie, never mind a rail slide on one of those concrete traffic barriers.

Photo #2. Wall plaque near Place Bellecour (click on it to read). These are everywhere--I can think of five within a couple blocks of our apartment--and the echoes of the occupation are probably worthy of their own post.

Photo #3. Crane Barge in the Saone. I really should get a tripod for these night shots...naaah, I'd never take it with me or have the patience to set it up.

Photo #4. Passarelle St. George, pedestrian bridge over the Saone. Hey, that's a pretty good picture. Click on it so you can see it better. That's Eglise St. Georges on the right; straight across the bridge is the apartment where Mom & Dad stayed when they came to visit.

Photo #5. Pont Bonaparte, which is no longer called that officially, but it's kind of hard to erase engraving out of marble. The lights you see under the bridge are a parking garage built right into the riverbank; you don't want to park your car there in the lower levels on days when it's raining upstream in the Beaujolais.

All for now... eventually I'll post some pictures of our trip to Avignon, the city of popes. Tentative post title: "Popin' Ain't Easy".

[One of the worst things about France: No one gets my quasi-obscure pop-culture references.]


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