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Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Picture Someone Else Took Better

Congratulations, B. Ansellem, staff photographer for 20 Minutes Lyon (the best damn free newspaper jammed into my hands when I get on the Metro in the morning)!

Exactly how I would have done it, if I (1) had any idea what I was doing behind a camera, or (2) wasn't too chicken to take pictures of beggars on the street.

Here's what I wrote back in September:

"She is perfectly still. The river of humanity that is the rush-hour crowd along La Re parts and eddies around her like a rock in a stream. In my imaginary photograph, the colors and faces of the passersby are blurred by motion, while she remains in sharp focus."

B. Ansellem, I salute you. Sorry I had to cut & paste from a .pdf into MSPaint, then save as a jpeg.

More real content coming soon. Christmas rush + sick baby + deadlines at work = no time for blogging. Ever try to cram a 6-foot Christmas tree into the back of a rented Renault Megane? Didn't think so. No wonder the French tend toward these little shrimpy tabletop Charlie Brown trees.


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