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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ta Bagnole, Il A Un Hemi?

Oui, monsieur, in fact it does.

Behold the Facel Vega HK500, an honest-to-Dieu French muscle car with a 392 Hemi, and during the brief time of its production, the world's fastest production car.

Want Gallic je-ne-sais-quoi with your stump-ripping American iron? How about this: Pablo Picasso had one, and as we all know, he was never called an asshole. Albert Camus was killed in one, and his unfinished manuscript for Le Premier Homme found in the floorboard.

Bidding starts at a mere one hundred thousand euros, at the Bonham's Grandes Marques a Monaco auction. I highly recommend picking one up if you have the means.


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