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Monday, March 08, 2010

A Sunny Weekend, For Once

Not this weekend that just ended, but the one before (and the one that produced the Circus People pictures). I actually had to find my sunglasses, deep in a drawer where they'd lain untouched since January.

In the course of my every-other-weekend trip to Chinatown to stock up on necessities-- kim chi, bean sprouts, sriracha sauce, pho ga, hoisin sauce-- I stopped at the terraces on the banks of the Rhone near La Guillotiere to sip a cold Kirin Ichiban and watch the skaters and BMXers dropping in, catching air, grinding rails. I utterly failed to time the camera shutter accurately enough to catch someone in midair; oh well.

But while I was watching, a blind man [tall black guy, foreground, plaid shirt] walked up to the edge of the bowl, listening carefully to the skate wheels roaring back and forth in the bowls, and traced the lip of the bowl pensively with his cane for a few moments before turning away.

Wonder what he was thinking.


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