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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Something I Learned Today

The French term for "pie chart" is camembert.

This struck me as particularly funny when I heard it used in a meeting at work, and in explaining why to my French colleagues I used this example: It's as if you found out that in America we call it a "Big Mac".

[Typing that post title led to about an hour of watching old Hüsker Dü videos on YouTube. And the umlauts remind me I just got a new French Canadian keyboard for my computer. What's a French Canadian keyboard? It has a regular QWERTY layout rather than a French AZERTY, but it has all the French àççènt márks. Sô I çán wrítè en Français wîthòut lööking tôô múch lîke án ídìôt. «Räd.»]


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