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Friday, November 13, 2009

The (Richard) Petty Bourgoisie*

More French car-show goodness. If you needed any more evidence that the cultural-exchange relationship between France and America is complicated... just click on these photos to enlarge. I keep finding things in these pictures that I didn't notice before. Those NASCAR hats are going for 25 euros (about $38), and there's no price tag on the Dale Earnhardt action figure (if you have to ask...).

*"The Richard Petty Bourgoisie" is an absolutely spectacular name for an alt-country band. So spectacular that when I get back to Chapel Hill I'm going to buy a Telecaster and a bolo tie, learn some Charlie Rich-style countrypolitan tunes, and start a band just so I can call it that. Don't steal my idea; I know it's tempting.


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