The Frogmarch

"I've got to pull up my stakes and roll, man." --Jean-Jacques Libris de Kerouac

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mutant Insurance

[pic taken out scratched window of the 72 bus. Click to enlarge so that storefront on right is legible.]

Nationwide, increasing mutant activity has resulted in personal injury and property loss to families everywhere. But with Mutant Insurance, you can relax in perfect security knowing that your family is protected.

Are you a mutant? Adamantium claws not retracting? Accidentally starting fires with your vision? We can help. If you need saliva-gland relocation surgery, or suffer from moose bumps, we're there for you.

You're in three good hands with Mutant!

Conveniently located in Tassin-Le-Demilune, just off the peripherique. Teleport in and see us today!


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