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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

City Braces for Invasion

France is accustomed to being invaded by relentless juggernauts bent on world domination, so this item from today's paper comes as no real suprise:

[my hamhanded translation from Le Progres]
"The American corporation Starbucks Coffee, worldwide leader in the distribution, roasting, and branding of coffees, with a presence in 43 countries, will open a location in Lyon. On November 30 it will open its 41st coffeeshop in France at 2 rue de la Republique [that's the other end of the street from us, by the Opera]; the other 40 locations are all in Paris. Customers may enjoy, either in-store or for takeaway, coffees from Africa, Latin America and Asia, as well as espresso-based drinks or teas, cakes and pastries."

What does this mean? For me, probably not so much, as I'm not a fan of Starbucks coffee (over-roasted, in my opinion) its pricing models ($4 a cup? GMAFB) or its business practices in general. Maybe it'll mean more available tables at Raconte-Moi La Terre. There's no impending shortage of places to get a good cup of coffee here, but the city's most famous street will now have a McDonald's at one end and a Starbucks at the other.

I'm sure it will do quite well.


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