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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Used Furniture Photo Dump

Every month or so, we make a pass through the Boite d' Occases, a sort of combination used-furniture/thrift store/junk shop. There's usually something interesting to look at, and sometimes some really great deals.

In addition to the 50 pounds of gear required to maintain two small boys for an afternoon around town (diaper bag for Tater, water bottles, snacks, books for Boog, rain cover for the stroller, ad infinitum), we try to bring along the digital camera. This way, we take snaps of anything potentially interesting we see, plus its price tag/stock number, so that when we get home we can think it over. I usually just delete these photos after we've made our yea/nay decisions, but this time, lucky you, I'm posting the ones from our most recent Boite expedition.

Are you ready for some flat, artless utilitarian photos of grotty secondhand furniture? Hell yeah!

Here's a nice-looking armoire with some tasteful marquetry. This one's been here a few months, but now they've moved it up front and dropped the price substantially. Maybe they're willing to deal on it... maybe it'll fit in our bathroom so we can keep Tater from rifling V's feminine hygiene products and throwing them in the bathtub.

Do we need an end table? This one's OK, plus it's small enough that I could take it home on the Metro. The wood finish could use some work, but the marble top is in pretty good shape, and at 40 euros the price is right. (The wheel thingy underneath is from a serving cart behind it.)

Oooh, check this out! A telephone chair, uh, furniture thing! Upholstered in skanky gold velour! With a space for the Chapel Hill-Carrboro phone book! Sadly, V hates the color. Also, we have absolutely no place in the apartment to put it, as we already have an armoire and a secretary in the entry hall, in addition to our stroller collection and our upright France-spec bread box. It's a shame... because I could absolutely picture V draping herself dramatically across it and picking up the candlestick phone to call 'round to Le Nord to arrange lunch with Lady Dinkelfwat, or ringing Brad and Angie to see if they'll be coming down to the Lake Como villa this weekend.


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